Watch: Cam Heyward Says Steelers Win Was ‘For 50’

The Pittsburgh Steelers battled out a tough win over the Cincinnati Bengals Monday night. But the focus, as it should be, is on Ryan Shazier’s health. Shazier, who left in the first quarter with a back injury, remains at a Cincinnati hospital and the team has not provided any updates. Inspired and motivated by the injury, the Steelers rallied back. After the game, Cam Heyward made it clear who this victory was for.

WPXI’s Chase Williams has the great clip of Heyward coming down the tunnel.

“That one’s for 50…that one’s for Shay!”

Heyward is the heart and soul of the defense, maybe even of the entire team. He and the rest of the group rallied around an obviously very scary situation and found a way to win over the Bengals. As you can see in the photo above, Heyward is knelt next to Shazier as trainers attended to him.

Now we just hope for good news on Shazier. Mike Tomlin did not have an update after the game.

It’s that kind of leadership that’s helped put the Steelers in the AFC’s drive seat. It hasn’t always been a pretty season. But when they’re against the wall, the team always bounced back. That’s thanks to leadership. And tonight, some inspiration.

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