Mike Mitchell Calls Out NFL Over JuJu, Iloka Suspensions

The backlash has been swift after the league put down the ban hammer on JuJu Smith-Schuster and Bengals’ safety George Iloka. And at least one Steeler is being vocal about how he feels. Mike Mitchell took to Twitter to put the NFL on blast for their decision. In a series of tweets, Mitchell defended both Smith-Schuster and Iloka while chastising the NFL for inconsistent punishment.

Smith-Schuster and Iloka are appealing their suspensions.

At the very least, it’s another head-scratching decision for the NFL to dish out the same suspension to those two as they did Rob Gronkowski, he took an illegal shot to cornerback Tre White’s head well after the play was over. What JuJu and Iloka did was mostly contained to the play itself (part of JuJu’s suspension is also coming from the taunting).

The league deciding to be heavy-handed with these rulings is only going to open up Pandora’s box. It’s a precedent that could, in theory at least, lead to a lot more suspensions for illegal hits to the head. As usual, the NFL let optics determine their course. There’s no logic, consistency, only confusion.

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