JuJu Smith-Schuster Has Chillest 21st Birthday Ever

You probably remember your 21st birthday (actually, you probably don’t). JuJu Smith-Schuster will definitely remember his as being a normal, laid-back Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

The now 21 year old Smith-Schuster celebrated the milestone in the only way he knows how. Playing some video games and making some toast.

He posted a couple videos of his birthday “celebration” on his Snapchat last night.

First of all, we gotta find JuJu’s PS4 gamer tag. But beyond that, it’s all in-line with his personality. It’s no surprise after what he told Rich Eisen in the gang following the Steelers win Thursday night. Eisen joked it was the last game before people would start buying drinks for him.

“Nah man, I don’t drink or smoke or do any of that,” Smith-Schuster said. “I stay clean. Stay humble, man. Gotta keep playing and getting better.”

From our outsider view, Smith-Schuster seems to be handling pressure ridiculously well. Moving to a different part of the country, a different culture, different weather, and oh yeah, playing in the NFL. He’s taken it all in stride while being a professional when he needs to and most importantly, producing when he’s on the field.

Happy Birthday, JuJu.

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