Vince Williams Calls TJ Watt The ‘Most NFL Ready Rookie I’ve Seen’

Social media can be a distraction. It can certainly be divisive. But sometimes, it’s just awesome. Today was one of those days. Vince Williams did a Q&A with Steelers’ Nation on all his teammates. In particular, he praised T.J. Watt, calling him the most NFL ready rookie he’s ever seen.

Let’s just hope Watt has more chances to practice that dance. While Watt may have cooled down a bit from a hot start, a groin injury didn’t help matters, he’s tied for second on the team with three sacks. He’s also played a high volume of snaps, something most rookie aren’t capable of doing, and surely a testament to Williams’ statement.

Some info on other players.

On newest Steeler Joe Haden.

Old man Big Ben.

Ryan Shazier. The second tweet asking if Shazier talks trash on Sundays.

On Jesse James replacing Heath Miller.

And B.J. Finney, as American as apple pie.

There’s several more so if you have Twitter, go through Williams’ timeline. Cool, funny insights into the Steelers’ locker room. And a rare moment where I support going to 280 characters per tweet.

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