Steelers Continue To Show Interest In Top College Quarterbacks

Several weeks ago, we noted the Pittsburgh Steelers’ apparent interest in Wyoming QB Josh Allen. The team sent scouts to the Wyoming/Iowa game, presumably, with a focus on Allen. Yesterday, the Steelers sent more scouts to watch Wyoming.

Via Chris Pika.

Of course, scouts probably aren’t there to only watch Allen. And they’re likely area scouts, meaning some of this is just due diligence. Still, it’s especially interesting to be able to note it twice. For obvious reasons. You obviously know the soon-to-happen debate and question mark over Ben Roethlisberger’s future once this season ends. It’s almost impossible to think he’ll play more than another three years and he could retire as soon as this season ends. Who knows, and my guess is that Roethlisberger isn’t anywhere close to making a decision.

That means that from an organization standpoint, you have to work with the ongoing assumption he’s going to retire after the season. Better safe than sorry, better to have a good feel for the position than trying to play catch up.

As for Allen, it’s been a difficult season. Before Saturday, he was completing just 57.6% of his passes and thrown just seven touchdowns to four picks. He’s had ugly games against the best competition he faced. A dud versus Iowa and he completed nine passes in consecutive weeks, including a loss to Oregon.

But he’s big with a live arm and mobility, someone who is likely to draw comparisons to Roethlisberger leading up to April’s selections.

Maybe even the bigger story, which I’m tacking on after originally writing this, was the Steelers sending heavy hitters to the USC/Notre Dame game. Hat tip to friend of the site Carlos.


Again, lot of talent to watch but USC QB Sam Darnold surely is the headliner. However, like Allen, Darnold has struggled and there are plenty of rumors he will stay in school for his senior year.

The focus is on what’s happening right now with the Pittsburgh Steelers. But once it comes to a close, you can bet you’ll hear a lot about Josh Allen and Sam Darnold – and the rest of this QB class.

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