Steelers Vs Bears Winners/Losers

*fires self into the sun*


Javon Hargrave: Hargrave was basically the only defender to consistently make a positive impact today. Even when doubled or triple-teamed, he still found ways to get pressure and racked up his second sack of the season. He’s a star in my eyes and soon enough, will be recognized as such around the league.

Antonio Brown: Ditto Brown for the offense. He was spectacular, finishing the day with 10 catches, 110 yards, and a touchdown. Pittsburgh found him the ball in the red zone, something they hadn’t done the first two weeks.

JJ Wilcox: I know Wilcox missed a bouncing fumble but he recorded an interception, the first by a Steelers’ safety this season. That’s the type of impact play the strong safety position needs. So that was a much needed addition.

Vance McDonald: For his heroic effort at the end of the half, tracking down Marcus Cooper and saved a touchdown at the end of the half. Just a terrific play.


Ben Roethlisberger: Roethlisberger had his moments, but again, his penchant for throwing deep didn’t pay off today. There were times he threw into double-coverage, a failed 3rd and 6 in the fourth quarter stands out in my mind the most, and he didn’t come through clutch late. Completed fewer than 57% of his passes and averaged just six yards per attempt.

Chris Hubbard: Rough day for Mother Hubbard, who we spent much of last week praising. Penalty that negated a strong Le’Veon Bell run and gave up a sack in the second half.

Eli Rogers: Terrible muffed punt that set up a Bears’ score. Not in good position to get square and under the football. He was clean the rest of the game but ball security is the number one, and frankly, really only concern on punt returns. And Rogers failed.

Missed Tackles: I don’t even know where to start with this one. It can’t fall on one guy and pretty much anyone wearing a Steelers’ uniform was to blame. Steelers missed five tackles last week; on certain plays this week, they probably missed as many. Horrendous.

The whole run defense was terri-bad, on a day where Mike Glennon didn’t push the ball more than five yards down the field. Mike Mitchell, Artie Burns did the defense no favors in the second level. Appalling.

Coaching Staff: Again, have to put it on everyone. A Mike Tomlin team loses to an inferior opponent on the road. Todd Haley’s offense underwhelms again. Keith Butler’s defensive front was questionable, which we’ll get into during the week. Also, no James Harrison? Special teams had a blocked kick. I could go on and on. I’m sure you’ll carry the baton in the comments.

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