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Le’Veon Bell Tweets When He’ll Report To The Steelers

Maybe, hopefully, this will be the last piece of Le’Veon Bell news before he shows up. Thanks to Bell’s Twitter account, we now seem to know when that’ll be.

When Twitter user @Vadarmendariz asked Bell when he was going to show up, he replied.

That would be September 1st, nine days before the regular season opener against the Cleveland Browns. That would mean Bell would not show up for the entire preseason. Current reports have said Bell will show up shortly after this Saturday’s game versus the Indianapolis Colts.

Here’s the part of the story we’ve beaten to death: Bell didn’t get a deal done, he’ll play on the tag, he didn’t show up for training camp, players want him to show up for training camp, but he’s maintained contact with his teammates (sans Ben Roethlisberger).

Bell has spent his time training – and working on his rap career – in Miami. Now, we seem to know when he’ll sign his franchise tender and officially join the Steelers.

h/t @Hunter7gatherer

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