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Heinz Field Visitors Can Now View Black And Gold Through 281-Trillion-Color Video Board

Have you ever wanted to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers live at Heinz Field, but didn’t want to be bothered with actually looking at the real live players? Well you’re in luck, because the organization is completing work on a new video board for the south end of the stadium that will enable viewers to see the action in impressive fashion.

When it comes to flare, the Steelers, frankly, don’t have much. They are famous for their rather simple and dark jerseys, after all. Even their helmets only bear a logo on one side. But there will be no shortage of colors when viewing the team on the video board.

According to a Forbes article, your favorite team will be coming at you via a screen capable of producing no fewer than 281 trillion colors, even if only two of them—black and gold—matter in the end. The new video board is all a small part of a planned extension of the stadium that has proceeded over the course of the past couple of years.

The screen, produced by Daktronics, stands 41 feet tall and more than 123 feet wide. If any of you were in attendance for the team’s Family Day event a few days ago, then you will have already seen it in action and gotten an appreciation of the dimension that it will add to the in-stadium experience for fans.

You can read the article above for some of the fancy details about the new screen if that’s your sort of thing, but the general idea here is that the Steelers have upgraded their stadium to include a beautiful new viewing experience that is less comically garish than 11,000-square-foot monstrosity that hangs over a certain field in Dallas.

Of course, fans are not going to care all that much about what things look like on the screen if what’s happening on the actual field is not up to par. I don’t think anybody is going to decide to come to a game just to get a view of the video quality.

The Steelers may be getting precipitously close to the edge of their championship window, but they are also as close as they have been in over half a decade to fielding a championship team. As a result, this should prove to be quite an interesting season that will fuel plenty of exciting images for the new video screen.

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