2017 Preseason Game No. 1: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to all of you once again and if you’re like me, you’re currently gearing up for the Pittsburgh Steelers first preseason game of 2017 tonight against the New York Giants.

We’ve already previewed the upcoming game from several different angles and look forward to breaking it down for you immediately after it has concluded. We’ll have several Film Room posts for you starting on Saturday and you bet a few of them will focus on the rookie draft picks with quarterback Joshua Dobbs and outside linebacker T.J. Watt leading the list.

With the game taking place tonight, I’ll post my weekly Friday five questions earlier than normal and they will include a few from our readers and podcast listeners. Enjoy the rest of the your Friday and Go Steelers!

1 – If Martavis Bryant and Le’Veon Bell both have monster seasons and they both stay clean off the field, which of the two would you rather sign long-term next offseason if at all possible? (credit David Money @ochocrica)

2 – Which would be better news tonight: Bud Dupree with a bend-the-end sack against the Giants first-team offense, or Watt with two bend-the-edge sacks against New York’s second stringers? (credit Deesh @deesh138)

3 – Which Steelers defensive player will lead the team in total tackles in the preseason opener against the Giants?

4 – How many yards will Dobbs throw for against the Giants?

5 – Which Steelers player will score the team’s first touchdown against the Giants?

Recap of Friday Night questions from 2 weeks ago per David Orochena:

Question 1 – Steelers Depot readers rarely agree on a response to a question 100% of the time. There are usually at least several contrarians but not in this case. Everybody that responded said that it does not really bother them when players make grand entrances to training camp. Now the degree of acceptance did vary with some saying they could do without it but are okay with there being some fun while others were excited to see what would be next. Myself, I’d like to see a vintage Volkswagen Beetle pull up with 7 or 8 linemen piling out.

Question 2 – Lightning strikes twice. Everyone agreed that Alejandro Villanueva will play through the 2020 season with one “depends.” Of course, a big assumption is that he remains healthy. While all are optimistic of him playing for the next four seasons some felt that he might not finish as the starter.

Question 3 – It’s official; Ben Roethlisberger is not the Steelers quarterback for the long-term future. But really; is 2017 it for Big Ben? Several folks were unwilling to bet even a virtual dime that Ben will still be wearing Black & Gold in 2018. The median amount respondents were willing to bet was a paltry $100. Now a lot of the sentiment appeared to be that he would hang it up after a Super Bowl victory – which is a nice way to go out. But if you win one; why not go for the double especially if your line and weapons remain intact?

Question 4 – Evenly split with a 14-14 vote on whether Le’Veon Bell would report before or after the 3rd preseason game. Few doubt that he will be in tip top physical condition. The debate was more around the importance of team chemistry.

Question 5 – Less than 10% feel Jerald Hawkins is a wasted draft pick. A couple folks pointed out players that were available when he was picked that may have benefitted the Steelers more including Devontae Booker and Dak Prescott. Although the overwhelming majority recognize his value; they median estimate of game starts they see for Hawkins during his rookie contract is only 6. The readers envision him as a swing tackle behind Alejandro (see question 2) and Marcus Gilbert with Hawkins perhaps taking over a starting role after his rookie contract.

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