Watch: James Harrison Pushes 1800 Pound Sled

James Harrison somehow topped himself this morning, pushing an 1800 pound sled. And his only hurdle was needing to figure out how to arrange the plates.

Fair warning, one moment of NSFW for language. Headphones, people. Headphones.

My attempt at 39 plates plus sled… 1,800lbs plus

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Harrison struggled the first two times but as the saying goes, third time is the charm. I try not to post every single Harrison workout video but this one tops them all.

His workout videos have become an Internet sensation. Few in the league, heck, maybe Harrison is the only one, can lift that amount of weight and his work ethic is second to none.

It bears repeating. At 39 years old, James Harrison pushed 1800 POUNDS.

It’s 11:30 and I already want to take a nap.

We are not worthy.

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