Video: Steelers Only Option Next Year Is To Tag Le’Veon Bell

Back for another video to discuss a topic I felt was better to talk than write about. We know Le’Veon Bell didn’t get a deal done Monday afternoon and we don’t know exactly when he’ll show up for training camp. The looming question over the horizon is what’ll happen after this season. Will the team work out a long-term deal, will they tag him again, or will Bell walk?

Shortly after Monday’s deadline passed, I still had confidence a long-term deal could be worked out in the upcoming offseason. But after what has transpired the past 48 hours, I’m much less confident. I’ll explain why in the video and what the Steelers other options are.

Got a new computer so please let me know if there are audio/video problems. Still working out the kinks. And as always, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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