No Greyhound For Pittsburgh; Steelers Find New Airline

Though the Pittsburgh Steelers have to travel fewer miles than anyone else in the NFL this season, most of their away games still require a flight. And for awhile, that seemed like it was going to be an issue.

Back in April, we wrote American Airlines was dropping their charter agreement with six teams, including the Steelers. From Forbes, who first reported the news.

“American will end agreements to fly the Arizona Cardinals, the Baltimore Ravens, the Indianapolis Colts, the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Miami Dolphins and the Pittsburgh Steelers during the 2017-2018 season, according to an internal memo obtained by Forbes.”

There hadn’t been much of an update on a new agreement since. But today, the PPG’s Jill Beckman reported Miami Air International will provide the air miles for the team this year.

“We are confident this won’t affect our travel for away games this year,” Steelers’ PR spokesman Burt Lauten told the Post-Gazette.

Beckman notes in the article the team will look at other options in the future. The Steelers travel to Cleveland in Week One, though that trip is usually by bus, not plane. Their first flight will takeoff in Week Three, traveling to Chicago, and then Baltimore the following week.

Pittsburgh also has away games in Kansas City, Indianapolis, Detroit, Cincinnati, and Houston.

Clearly, this isn’t the most exciting story in the world. But the Steelers being stuck at the airport would’ve drawn plenty of headlines. For now, that won’t be a problem. Thanks to Miami, of all places.

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