Jordan Dangerfield’s Story An Easy One To Root For

Sometimes, I go back into the Depot archives, hunting for something else, and see a totally different topic that catches my eye. Today was one of those days. Entering camp this season, Jordan Dangerfield will be fighting for a roster spot but there’s a pretty good chance he makes the team. He showed up last year, a strong special teamer and did well in his spot starts on defense.

Just two years ago, the Pittsburgh Steelers didn’t even think enough of him to bring him to Latrobe. July 24th, 2015, the team dumped him in order to sign offensive tackle Kelvin Palmer. Credit part of that to the numbers crunch; they were short on linemen after Mike Adams’ back surgery and heavy at safety.

So Dangerfield got the pink slip. At that point, it’s probably easy to think his career was over.

But the Steelers brought him back a few weeks later after a safety you’ve definitely forgotten about got hurt. He’s run with that chance ever since and stayed true to his game. Heavy hitter, sure tackler, and willing to put his hand in the pile.

He’s stuck ever since, working his way up the NFL ladder, and now gives the team comfort at safety depth.

Gotta respect a guy who earns his keep. And does things the right way. It’s another reason, and I promise I didn’t write this just to get preachy, to not cast anyone off as just a “camp body.” Because Dangerfield could’ve been considered one too. And now he has an inside track on keeping his gameday roster spot.

It’s much ado about nothing, something to say to pass the time until camp. I get that. But in a league where the negative dominates the headlines, it’s important to be reminded 95% of the league is made up of good dudes working to provide for themselves and their family. Dangerfield is the epitome of that.

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