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Welcome back to the mailbag. And welcome to the first day of camp. So much to talk about over the coming weeks but if you have any pre-camp questions, speak now or forever hold your peace.

To your questions!

Sam Clonch: Best place to grab a drink/burger in Latrobe area?

Alex: I admit I’m generally in and out of the area but Sharky’s or Dino’s – both sports bars/lounges – would be my recommendations. If you’re staying in the area, make the 20 minute drive to Ligonier the town over. Gorgreous town and some awesome mom and pop diners and hole-in-the-walls.

NinjaMountie: How late does player check-in go? When will we officially know about a no-show?

Alex: I couldn’t tell you an exact time. Give it to around 4 PM or so. Have to show up sometime soon-ish. Players do run the conditoning test today, after all.

Steel Jatt: I saw a lot of competition being talked never heard anything about Dobbs vs Landry?? Is Dobbs not ready at all that he has no chance beating Landry??

Alex: I really don’t think he has and people at the team site seem to agree. You’re not going to reach the level of comfort in Dobbs you have in Jones over the course of four preseason games. Highly confident he’ll be the #3. As it should be. Jones knows how to prepare on short notice and off the bench. Knows how to watch film, knows the offense, knows his teammates. Dobbs has to clear all those hurdles.

Cp72: It’s being reported Coates will miss two weeks. Who benefits the most from his absence Hunter or Ayers?

Alex: I think both – just opens up more reps. Less guys getting squeezed. But Hunter if you make me choose. He has chance to show he is a better version of Coates. Ayers’ path is different. He’ll have to win the PR job so Coates healthy/hurt doesn’t affect that.

Bryant Eng: Any reports on TJ Watt’s off-season regimen? Curious as to whether or not he is already regarded as being as legendary a work as his brother/Harrison.

Alex: I haven’t seen much. But with a football family behind him, he knows how to work out efficiently. That’s something most rookies have to adjust to. Watt won’t. And that’s the important part. It’s not about lifting the world like Deebo does.

NickSteelerFan: This is strictly a numbers question, not quality. What position do you think we have too many of on the 90 man roster that they could drop one, and what position could they replace it with because there isn’t enough?

Alex: I skimmed the roster a week ago and it looks pretty balanced. No one position looks more crowded than normal. Any position they may add could be based off who goes to PUP, which hasn’t been announced yet.

Alejandro Caballero: Do you think James Harrison will be back next year?

Alex: Who am I to question it, ya know? If he wants to be, there will be a spot open for him.

Beaver Falls Hosiery: What do you look for on the first day (tomorrow)?

Alex: I’ll have a write up in the AM detailing it more. But the first two days, I want to get a sense for who is lining up where. Care less about individual performance. It’s still shorts and shells, like OTAs. Real action starts on Day Three when the pads come on.

Steelers12: Hey Alex im still not ruling out a return for DeAngelo Williams, are you?

Alex: I am. You should too.

Robbie: Just got alert AV got a deal. Idk If the numbers for it are out but if so, is it a fair deal? What would u have offered him?

Alex: Numbers aren’t out yet. Sure deal is fair. Team had a lot of leverage. I expect it to be below market value. So Steelers win again.

Pghomer: Alex,
I know I’m late…but just saw the release of Taiwan Jones. Would you try to bring in competition for Knile Davis by signing Jones?

Alex: It’s interesting because he has a KR background and the team brought him in for a visit back in 2011. An injury may have to happen to force a move but on paper, yes, it makes sense.

That’s all for this week. Can’t wait to get out to camp tomorrow!

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