Training Camp

The 2017 Steelers’ Training Camp Tip Jar

It is finally – finally! – training camp week. By this Friday, we’ll have our first full training camp practice report. It’s my favorite time of year. The sign football is officially back and the Pittsburgh Steelers’ setting is unique as it is beautiful. For my money, St. Vincent College is the prettiest campus you’ll find. The team playing on Chuck Noll Field, an event fan friendly whether you go to watch or get autographs.

Heck, if they could play regular season games at SVC, I’d buy season tickets.

And we’ll be there to cover every single practice, as we’ve been for the past two years and 33 practices.

If you aren’t familiar with how we’ll cover each practice, I’d recommend looking back at one of the reports from last year. In short, we aim to write about everything that will happen each day. A play-by-play log of team drills and a solid recap of individual work. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible and give you the information that will make you feel like you sat next to us at Latrobe.

Most nights, Dave and I will record a mini-version of The Terrible Podcast to recap what happened the day before. So you can listen to us on the drive to/from work or during your work break. Or heck, during work. Steelers Depot’s main export is workplace procrastination.

Big thanks to Dave, Matthew, and the rest of the usual crew for the work you’ll see during camp. Also have to give a shoutout to Depot’s photographer, Tim Rice, who will be up at camp for a couple days snapping some great shots.

So as we have been doing for the past three years, we’ll throw up our tip jar throughout training camp. And here’s the key thing, guys. We’re going no matter how much money gets donated. So don’t think this of a “fund,” where we need “X” amount to go. I’m already sleeping in the McLumina in anticipation. This is just if you like the work we do and have the means to send us something, you can.

As I always stress, only give if you’re able to. Pay your bills, people. Whether you give something or nothing, you’ll have access to the same amount of content. It’s all free, always accessible, no matter what. There are certainly so many other worthy causes to give to and if you’d rather go that route, by all means, please do.

Please keep in mind there’s no obligation to donate.

But if you do, that’s awesome, and certainly something that won’t go unnoticed by Dave or me. For everyone who donates, we’ll be sure to send a personal thank you and I believe give you a shoutout on the podcast.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’ll link the fund again for you all. Thanks again for being an amazing community – the best there is, hands down – and making this the best training camp ever.

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