Weekly Steelers Twitter Poll Results – June 18, 2017

During the current slow period of the NFL offseason I intend on running at least four Pittsburgh Steelers themed polls every week on Twitter with each one lasting just 24 hours. That period time allows for nearly 1,000 votes to be cast on average. Every Sunday, I will post the results for all to review and comment on as I’m interested to know if readers of the site agree with the Twitter masses.

The results of this first poll I ran aren’t overly surprising all things considered and especially based on what appears to have happened during the team’s offseason practices. However, I thought William Gay would ultimately garner a higher percentage of the votes than he ultimately did. What say you?

While tight end Phazahn Odom winning this second poll also isn’t overly surprising, I originally thought that guard Ethan Cooper would give him a run for his money and at the very least finish second. It’s worth noting, however, that this poll only garnered 557 total votes before it ended. Even so, it’s hard to imagine that another 443 votes would have ultimately changed the total percentages that much.

As for this next poll that was centered around offseason free agent additions, running back Knile Davis and wide receiver Justin Hunter, I fully expected the masses to vote for both ultimately making the final 53-man roster. I think the most surprising outcome of this poll is the fact that 13% of the 928 voters think that neither will ultimately make it to the start of the regular season.

In this final poll that I ran on Saturday, I planned on seeing new safety Daimion Stafford give wide receiver Demarcus Ayers a run for his money. That obviously didn’t turn out to be the case and on top of it all, I was surprised to see linebacker L.J. Fort get as many votes as he did.

Where do you weigh in on these four polls?

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