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Schefter: Bell Extension ‘Could Go Either Way’

An update on the long-term negotiations between Le’Veon Bell and Pittsburgh Steelers. Which is to say, there really isn’t much of one.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter posted notes for the situations of the three remaining franchise-tagged players: Kirk Cousins, Trumaine Johnson, and Bell. He had the following to say about the latter.

“Both sides have motivation to get it done, but no deal in sight now. A push before and at the deadline is expected from both sides. Could go either way.” 

That deadline is Monday, July 17th, shortly before the team opens up for training camp. A final push at or near that date is no surprise. It’s typically how these discussions go, each side holding out as long as possible, neither wanting to budge.

There have been differing opinions of it a long-term deal will get done. For what it’s worth, I still think one will happen given the Steelers’ track record of securing their elite talent without any risk of them testing the market.

As we’ve said before, if a deal isn’t hammered out, Bell will play the season under the one-year franchise tag. There shouldn’t be any concern over a training camp holdout. That’d be pointless for Bell with the deadline passed. The Steelers’ hands would be tied. But it would force the team to race to get a deal done in the offseason before free agency nears.

It can all be a little worrying but be thankful we’re not dealing with a Kirk Cousins type situation. What a mess that is.

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