Who Is The Hardest Hitter On The Steelers?

Fun discussion I had over on Twitter two days ago. It all started when Mike Mitchell said on Instagram he considered Jordan Dangerfield, pound for pound, to be the second hardest hitter on the team. The leader, of course, being Mitchell.

Until Vince Williams caught wind of it.

Cam Heyward jumped in, too.

So I’ll throw the question to you all: who is the hardest hitter on the team? You can look at it from a relative, pound for pound perspective, like Mitchell was, or just the hardest hitter in general.

Is it Mitchell? VW? Dangerfield? Someone else. Tons of great choices.

Mine still goes to Roosevelt Nix. Granted, he is bigger than all three of them, but rarely does a game go by where he doesn’t light someone up. My favorite hit of his came on a touchback in 2015, I’ve probably referenced it on here before, taking Lorenzo Alexander’s soul.

And routinely plants guys on special teams (Williams does too).

So tell me who ya got. One of those names? There’s still James Harrison, an obvious pick, and Bud Dupree has dished out punishment lately too. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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