Depot Top 10 Players Of NFL Network’s 2017 Top 100 Contest

The NFL Network’s Top 100 Players of 2017 weekly series concludes Monday, June 26 when players ranked No. 10 through No. 1 are revealed in two, one-hour episodes at 8:00 PM ET and 9:00 PM ET. With that monumental event forthcoming, I know all of you are on the edges of your seats counting down the days to see where the two Pittsburgh Steelers finish.

In order to have a little fun with the forthcoming rankings of the final 10 players, all of which have already been revealed, I thought I would run a little contest with a cash prize going to the winner as a way to give back to all of you.

The rules of this contest are quite simple and are as follows:

******** READ THESE FIVE TIMES ********

1 – In order to win this contest, you must correctly predict the exact order of all 10 players.

2 – Only previous Steelers Depot commenters are allowed to participate as this contest is designed to reward our active readers and you may only enter once.

3 – To enter the contest you must use the form below and fill out every section and that includes your Steelers Depot commenter name and Paypal address.

4 – You must also post your guesses in the comments section below this post for all to see in order to be eligible to win. No exceptions. You do not have to post your random number guess for obvious reasons, however.

5 – If more than one person correctly ranks all 10 players, the random number bonus question will be used with the closest guesser winning the contest. I will tell Alex Kozora this number after this post goes live.

6 – If we do have a winner, that person will be sent $25.00 via Paypal and that transaction will take place later next week when I return from Florida.

7 – Here are the names of the final 10 players in alphabetical order:

Odell Beckham Jr.
Le’Veon Bell
Tom Brady
Antonio Brown
Ezekiel Elliott
Julio Jones
Khalil Mack
Von Miller
Aaron Rodgers
Matt Ryan

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