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Artie Burns Released From Police Custody; New Arrest Details Surface

Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Artie Burns was released from police custody sometime on Friday following his Thursday night arrest for driving in Miami with a suspended license, according to Jeremy Fowler of

Burns’ Friday release probably happened much earlier in the day considering the nature of his charges. Fowler also provided a few more details cornering what transpired Thursday night.

Burns’ black 2016 Cadillac Escalade was reportedly pulled over by the police Thursday night after it was observed that the tag on his vehicle was expired. After being unable to provide a driver’s license, police ran a search that showed that the Steelers cornerback had three ‘active non-judgment suspensions’ starting April 13, 2017. At that point, Burns was reportedly handcuffed and placed under arrest.

Earlier reports on Friday indicated that Burns had previous unpaid driving violations that totaled over $1000 and according to Fowler’s Friday afternoon report, he likely was aware that his driver’s license had been suspended.

According to Fowler, the Steelers didn’t comment on Burns’ incident when asked about it.

While minor in the grand scheme of things, hopefully Burns has learned a valuable lesson and one that will likely be even more expensive than it was prior to Thursday night.

Burns is expected to report to Latrobe for the start of Steelers training camp in a little less than four weeks from today. In the meantime, he might need to get rides from a friend or from a service such as Uber while he goes through the process of getting his license reinstated.

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