What Steelers Deserve To Be In The NFL Network Top 100 (And Where)?

With the NFL Network kicking off their Top 100 players of 2017, I wanted to throw this question out to you all. What Pittsburgh Steelers would you put on the list? And if you want to go another step, where would you rank those players?

One Steeler has already been named to the list. David DeCastro made the list for the first time ever, coming in at 97th place. Click here to check out the full video on his selection.

Obviously, there are a couple other givens to make the list: Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, and Le’Veon Bell. For you guys, it’s a better question of where you would rank each. Does Big Ben crack the top 25? Would you place Brown and Bell in the top 10? Top 5?

Other names to throw out there: the offensive linemen, Maurkice Pouncey and Marcus Gilbert. To me, both are worthy making the list, and I am expecting/hoping at least one to make it. But to see three linemen from the same team on the NFL Network list would be uncommon and unlikely. My guess is Pouncey makes it and Gilbert, as has become too common, gets snubbed.

How about the defensive side of the football? Cam Heyward is a Top 100 player in my mind but coming off an injury-marred season, my guess is he won’t make it. Ryan Shazier and James Harrison could be two other candidates somewhere in the upper half of the list. On my personal list, Shazier would probably make it. Harrison wouldn’t.

But I want to leave it up to you guys. What Steelers are on your list and give me a ranking, at least, a ballpark figure. Interested to hear your responses and we’ll see how your thoughts stack up with the NFL players who voted on it.

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