Steelers David DeCastro Ranked 97th In NFL Network’s Top 100

By the players. For the players. That’s what the NFL Network claims and their players voted David DeCastro as the 97th best player in the NFL for 2017. You can check out the video here over on It’s brief and mostly narrated by one man, Mike Daniels but hey, that’s how an offensive linemen would want it. There are several soundbites of DeCastro being mic’d up against the Miami Dolphins, bringing out a level of intensity we don’t normally associate with the level-headed linemen.

“You think of a guy like DeCastro,” Daniels said. “For him to play for Pittsburgh, it’s only fitting. Le’Veon is a great back…but he didn’t get all those yards by accident.”

This is DeCastro’s first year on the NFL Network Top 100. And frankly, maybe a bit surprising, after a rocky start to the season. But he finished it on a high note, allowing only two sacks over the entire year. Penalties were a problem, finishing with a team-high 11 of them.

He was part of arguably one of the best Steelers’ offensive lines they’ve ever had, giving up 21 sacks all season long and letting Le’Veon Bell prove to the league that he’s the unquestioned back in the NFL.

Expect to see several other Steelers on this list. Four of them were included last year: Antonio Brown, Ben Roethlisberger, Bell, and Cameron Heyward.

So check out the video, I’ll link it again, to at the very least, watch DeCastro crush some skulls, crack a joke, and get hyped.

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