Adam Jones’ Anger Management Tested Following Car Accident

Depending on whom you ask, Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam Jones’ anger management is either going exceptionally well, or exceptionally poorly. Basically, if you ask anybody except Jones, who might get the latter answer. But according to the man himself, anger management classes essentially allowed him from holding back and assaulting a teenager yesterday.

Let’s walk this back a bit and provide more context. The veteran cornerback was involved in an automobile accident yesterday on the Ohio Pike in Union Township when a high school senior by the name of Kylar Ruege evidently ran into his Rolls Roye from the right side.

I look back and see Pacman Jones heading my way”, the teen told a news outlet, “and he was starting to cuss me out and get really mad. I tried to apologize”. Instead of accepting the apology, Jones turned to social media to document the incident.

This mother****er ran straight into me, man!”, he narrates while filming the damage to his vehicle from the outside, navigating around the car in the rain. “Get the **** outta here! God damn, man! **** don’t make no ****ing sense”.

Now, I do feel compelled to at least offer some defense to Jones here. Nobody is all that happy after they get involved in a car accident, especially if it was not their fault, which appears to be the case here. I personally have witnessed how a person can quickly lose their cool in such a scenario.

Unless there is more here, honestly, the biggest issue with this whole situation, other than perhaps the decision to film it, is really the optics. There is a reason that he was involved with taking anger management classes, after all, and this documentation does not exactly demonstrate what I would call a breakthrough moment.

“****ed up my car, this ****a pulled out and hit me”, he continued in his narration. “They talking about anger management at work. Normally I’d smack the *** outta a ****a who do the **** like that. Stupid mother****er”.

Not what you want to hear if you’re the guy writing his paychecks I would think, given his history, and especially after you personally vouched for him when you have the public endorsement to let him go on the eve of delving into a deep cornerback draft class.

Still, nobody is going to be on their best behavior in this situation, and as anybody who has been involved in a car accident can probably relate, there is an immediate flood of thoughts that race in your head about insurance and the logistics of the immediate future depending on the extent of the damage to your vehicle.

“Now I gotta buy a whole new ****ing car”, he says toward the end of the video. I do sympathize with the scenario. It’s an incredibly frustrating one. It’s just not a good look for Jones in particular, not while talking about the anger management classes that are supposed to help him cope with such adversity more calmly. Though, as he hinted, perhaps he did handle it more calmly than he would have ordinarily, in which case…good for him, I suppose.

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