Steelers Unhappy To Play Second Straight Christmas Day Game

It’s just your usual Monday afternoon football game.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are slated to play on Christmas Day for the second season in a row, traveling to Houston to play the Texans at 4:30 PM/ET on NBC. And several in the organization, let’s say, weren’t sharing much holiday spirit.

Put Cam Heyward squarely in the “not a fan” category.

And even the normally reserved Art Rooney II was pretty upset with the league’s decision. From Bob Labriola on the team’s website.

“The league told me we wouldn’t have a home game on Christmas Day,” said Steelers President Art Rooney II, “although I am surprised that we do have a Christmas Day game.”

Rooney would later say it was unfortunate for the team to be playing on the 25th again. And it’s hard to blame them. No one wants to be away from their family n Christmas Day.

I’m going to guess we’ll hear from James Harrison soon, who (joked?) about retiring after seeing the Steelers play on Thanksgiving and Christmas last season.

Last year, they beat the Baltimore Ravens in thrilling fashion, Antonio Brown stretching over the goal line in the game’s final seconds. That’s good for fans. Good for the network. Good for the league.

But good for the team? Understandably, a resounding no.

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