2017 NFL Draft: Day Three Discussion Thread

A good morning/afternoon to you Steelers’ Nation as we reach the third – and final – day of the 2017 NFL Draft. Today’s broadcast will run from noon until 7 PM. The Pittsburgh Steelers will be picking at the following spots:

Fourth Round: 135th Overall
Fifth Round: 173rd Overall
Sixth Round: 213th Overall
Seventh Round: 248th Overall

It’s a full day of wall-to-wall draft coverage. Sit back, crack open a beer, and enjoy it with us and the rest of Steelers’ Nation.

Round 4

108  Green Bay Packers (from Cleveland) – Wisconsin LB Vince Biegel

109  Minnesota Vikings (from San Francisco) – Iowa DT Jaleel Johnson

110  Jacksonville Jaguars – Oklahoma WR Dede Westbrook

111  Seattle Seahawks (from San Francisco via Chicago) – Colorado S Tedric Thompson

112  Los Angeles Rams

113  Los Angeles Chargers

114  Washington Redskins (from New York Jets)

115  Arizona Cardinals (from Carolina)

116  Cincinnati Bengals

117  Chicago Bears (from Buffalo)

118  Philadelphia Eagles

119  Chicago Bears (from Arizona)

120  Minnesota Vikings

121  Indianapolis Colts

122  Baltimore Ravens

123  Washington Redskins

124  Detroit Lions (from New England via Tennessee)

125  Tampa Bay Buccaneers

126  Denver Broncos

127  Detroit Lions

128  Cincinnati Bengals (from Minnesota via Miami)

129  Oakland Raiders

130  Houston Texans

131 New England Patriots (from Seattle)

132  Minnesota Vikings (from Kansas City)

133  Dallas Cowboys

134  Green Bay Packers

135  Pittsburgh Steelers

136  Atlanta Falcons

137  Indianapolis Colts (from New England)

138  Cincinnati Bengals (compensatory pick)

139 Philadelphia Eagles (compensatory pick from Cleveland)

140  New York Giants

141  Los Angeles Rams (compensatory pick)

142  Houston Texans (compensatory pick from Cleveland)

143  San Francisco 49ers (compensatory pick)

144 Indianapolis Colts (compensatory pick)


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