Bengals Release Maualuga, Ravens To Trade Jernigan?

Couple of AFC North notes to round out this Saturday since the Pittsburgh Steelers’ news seems pretty dead. The Cincinnati Bengals announced they released longtime linebacker Rey Mauauga today.

He was drafted in the 2nd round of 2009 draft by the Bengals, starting 104 career games and racking up 599 tackles, picking off seven passes, and forcing six fumbles. But he spent most of last year on the bench, recording only 27 tackles and is now 30 years old.

His 88 tackles against the Steelers were more than he had against any other team in his career.

Elsewhere, The Ringer’s Michael Lombardi floated the idea that the Baltimore Ravens may shop DT Timmy Jernigan after inking Brandon Williams to a long-term, mega-deal this offseason.

Here’s what Lombardi said on The NFL Show yesterday.

“I hear they’re talking about moving Jernigan. I think Jernigan is a fabulous player but they can’t afford to sign him. If you’re a team like Jacksonville, and you know you can afford him, why not give up a third- or fourth-round pick for Jernigan and get another defensive linemen and do it before free agency and keep the kid.”

To be fair, Ravens’ beat reporter Jamison Hensley shot down the idea, saying a trade is “unlikely to occur” but admitted this is likely his final year with the team. Jernigan is scheduled to be a free agent after the 2017 season. Signing Williams to a 5 year deal leaves little meat left on the bone for Jernigan, who will likely command less but still a hefty amount when he hits the market.

In three years as the team’s three-tech, he has 13 sacks and is one of the better defensive tackles in the league, teaming up to form an impressive duo with Williams. But it sounds like he’ll be out of the Steelers’ hair in a year though they’ll still have to worry about dealing with Williams, a mountain of a man at nose tackle.

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