Watch DeAngelo Williams Guest Star On The Talking Dead

I’ll bet everyone reading this article is a fan of DeAngelo Williams. And if you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, you’ve got the best of both worlds.

Williams was the guest star on last night’s episode of The Talking Dead, the weekly recap/discussion show immediately following each episode on AMC.

He joined one of the show’s creators and characters – King Ezekiel, for those who know the show – with host Chris Hardwick to recap the Season 7 mid-season premiere.

In addition to talking about the episode, the group talks about Williams’ love of the show and show some awesome photos of his Walking Dead inspired wedding. That’s something you definitely don’t want to miss. If you don’t want to watch the whole show, those photos show up around the 7:30 mark.

If you do want to see the entire episode, click at the link here to watch it from AMC’s official website. All you need is to select your cable provider and throw in an email; go use the one AOL account you haven’t logged onto in years, that’s what I did.

Of course, you can catch The Walking Dead every Sunday night at 9 PM/ET and The Talking Dead immediately after. If you like the show and want to chime in with your thoughts on last night’s episode, hit us up in the comments below. I have a feeling the rest of the day is going to be awfully slow Steelers-news wise.

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