Watch: Barry Sanders Calls Hines “Mr. Ward” At Super Bowl

It still stings not to see the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl but that doesn’t mean this week can’t have its softer side. The big game is no longer just a singular moment; it’s a week long event. From media days, to Roger Goodell’s State of the Union, and everything else, there’s almost more going on before the game than the actual kickoff itself.

So to hopefully make you smile for a moment and forget how it should be the Steelers in this game, NFL Network captured Hines Ward meeting Barry Sanders earlier today.

Barry Sanders calling Hines, “Mr. Ward?” Now that’s some respect.

And Ward gives a classic response back.

“Mr. Ward? I’m supposed to say Mr. Sanders.”

Hopefully one day, they’ll be able to call themselves Hall of Famers. Sanders is in and Ward made one of the final lists this year. Ward could take years to get in, if it every happens, but hopefully their next handshake happens when they’re both sporting gold jackets.

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