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Two Former Steelers Announce Retirement

Since we noted LaMarr Woodley’s retirement the other day, we’ll round things up by adding another two names to that list. Mike Vick and Willie Colon both announced they are done with the NFL. Neither, of course, come as much of a surprise.

Colon has the lengthier history with the Steelers, drafted from the now-defunct Hofstra football team in the 4th round of the 2006 draft. He was part of a legitimately impressive draft class, joining teammates Marques Colston and Stephen Bowen as guys who would go onto to have lengthy, successful careers.

Only two Hofstra alums would go on to play in the NFL following that trio. Colon was a road grader who began his career at tackle before getting kicked inside to guard for the Steelers. Injuries caught up to him late in his Steelers’ career, causing him to be cut in March of 2013. The New York Jets signed him later in the offseason where he spent the next three seasons at right guard. He stated exactly 100 games in his career, a good number to go out on.

Vick’s career in Pittsburgh was considerably shorter but even in the Steel City, will probably be remembered for a long time. Partly due to the prominence of the position, the nostalgia felt whenever his name is brought up, and the controversy over his return to the league after serving jailtime for operating dog fighting rings.

He started three games for the Steelers in 2015 but didn’t, uh, play well. He barely completed 60% of his passes and didn’t move the team’s offense, forcing Mike Tomlin to bust out Wildcat looks in critical situations to compensate. But his NFL career changed the game and will always be remembered. The league’s greatest rushing quarterback, he rushed for over 6100 yards, including a league-high 1039 in 2006. He found the end zone 61 total times.

Also, easily the best video game quarterback ever. If you had him under center in Madden 2004, you were guaranteed victory.

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