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Steelers Unlikely To Be Fined Over Bell Injury Disclosure

An NFL ruling today should help give light on how they plan to proceed with their investigation into if the Pittsburgh Steelers did anything wrong in disclosing Le’Veon Bell’s groin injury. And for Pittsburgh, the news sounds good.

The league issued a warning and no further penalty to the Seattle Seahawks today for their similar situation with Richard Sherman. Sherman dealt with an MCL injury throughout the season but was never listed on the injury report.

Bell said he felt the groin injury come up early in the playoffs. He managed to play through it until the AFC Title Game before bowing out after just six carries. There is still a chance he could need offseason surgery to repair the injury.

With the Seahawks ostensibly having a more severe “cover-up” and walking away with just a warning, it’s logical to assume the Steelers, worst case scenario, will get the same punishment. That means no fine, no loss of draft picks. Hopefully the league will issue an official ruling within the next week and we can put this small-saga behind us.

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