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Steelers Awarded Third Round Compensatory Pick In 2017 NFL Draft

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The NFL released the awarded compensatory selections for the 2017 NFL Draft on Friday and the Pittsburgh Steelers received a pleasant surprise.

According to the league release, the Steelers have been awarded a third-round compensatory draft pick for this year and it will be the 41st pick in that round and the 105th overall.

Below are the players the Steelers lost and gained last year during the qualified portion of the free agent signing period:

Lost: Kelvin Beachum (Jaguars), Antwon Blake (Titans), Will Johnson (Giants), Steve McLendon (Jets), Sean Spence (Titans)

Gained: Ladarius Green (Chargers), Ryan Harris (Broncos)

This certainly is a pleasant surprises being as several had the Steelers getting a fifth-round pick this year.

The Steelers extra pick in the third round will allow the team to select four players in the first 105 picks of the draft. One can easily speculate that at least one edge-rusher and one cornerback will be taken with two of those selections. As for the other two, the team could decide to spend one of them on a running back.

The last time the Steelers had four picks in the first three rounds of a draft was in 2009 and that was a result of them trading their second- and fourth-round selections (64th and 132nd overall that year to the Denver Broncos in exchange for their two third-round selections (79th and 84th overall).

Starting this year, compensatory draft picks can be traded.

Round Round Choice/

Overall Selection

3 33-97 Miami
3 34-98 Carolina
3 35-99 Baltimore
3 36-100 Los Angeles Rams
3 37-101 Denver
3 38-102 Seattle
3 39-103 Cleveland
3 40-104 Kansas City
3 41-105 Pittsburgh
3 42-106 Seattle
3 43-107 New York Jets
4 32-138 Cincinnati
4 33-139 Cleveland
4 35-141* Los Angeles Rams
4 36-142 Cleveland
4 37-143 San Francisco
4 38-144 Indianapolis
5 33-178 Cincinnati
5 34-179 Denver
5 35-180 Miami
5 36-181 Arizona
5 37-182 Kansas City
5 38-183 Cleveland
5 39-184 Green Bay
5 40-185 New England
5 41-186 Miami
6 33-218 Kansas City
6 34-219 Cincinnati
6 35-220 Kansas City
7 33-253 Cincinnati
7 34-254 Denver
7 35-255 Denver
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