The Perspective Of An Average Steelers Fan: Treating Offseason Ennui

Is anyone experiencing a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement like me? In a word, we are suffering from ennui.

Ending a season with a loss is always painful, regardless of how deep into the seasons the Pittsburgh Steelers managed to get. Honestly, is anyone satisfied that the Steelers lost to the Green Bay Packers in their last Super Bowl appearance? Without a season ending win, without another Lombardi Trophy in hand; there is no euphoria to carry Steelers Nation into the next season. Now the draft should give the first big boost in enthusiasm since the Steelers normally don’t make big trades or dabble significantly in the free agent market -bit that is not until April 27-29. Do we just endure this state of Weltschmerz -world-weariness or take steps to overcome this empty state? It’s not an easy task for the average Steeler fan.

I googled “NFL Football News” just now and the following stories popped up:

  1. Seattle Seahawks player Michael Bennett pulls out of NFL trip to Israel.
  2. Five New England Patriot players decline White House invitation.
  3. Jimmy Garoppolo trade could be perfect storm for Patriots.
  4. NFL more forceful on Texas ‘bathroom bill’ after Super Bowl. (my mom always taught me not to force it when in the bathroom)
  5. Tragically, former Miami Dolphins linebacker Quentin Moses died in a house fire.

National sports media is not a good place to find a Steelers fix. An endless loop of Chris Collingsworth and Dan Fouts calling Steelers games would be more tolerable. Of course, we can always see Antonio Brown Live.

But seriously, here are a few things the average Steelers fan do to cope for the next few weeks:

  1. Pittsburgh Penguins hockey is a start. Sidney Crosby is leading the NHL in goals and is vying for the lead in total points with 60. Perhaps by the time you read this; Sid the Kid may have tallied his 1000th career point. The team is tied for 2nd place in the Metropolitan Division and in strong position to make another run at the Stanley Cup this year.
  2. Pittsburgh Pirates baseball is in Bradenton, Florida readying for the home opener. News is circulating about Andrew McCutchen and his move to right field and still rumors of a possible trade. The starting pitching rotation is getting their arms limbered up with hopes of anchoring a run at the central Division juggernaut Chicago Cubs. And oh, there is Jung Ho Kang. Questions whether his visa will be invalidated by the State Department.
  3. Pitt Panther basketball finally cracked the Syracuse Orangemen 2-3 zone. Can they bounce back from an eight-game losing streak to somehow make it to the March Madness also known as the NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball championship.
  4. Penn State wrestling is current ranked # 2 in the country and will be entering the Big Ten wrestling championships this weekend with the NCAA Division 1 championships to follow. Can they bring home another team or at least some individual champions again this year?
  5. The most effective medicine? Check in with the Steelers Depot at least once a day. This will keep you up to speed on NFL Draft player profiles, offseason positional reviews; free agent moves and up to date news on Steelers players and the team.

This is my home cure for Steelers offseason ennui until the draft – what are yours?

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