Maurkice Pouncey Vents Frustration Over AB Rumors

The media has been hot on Antonio Brown’s heels over the last months with rumors over his work ethic, focus, and even implications that he’s sabotaging the team.

Maurkice Pouncey took to Instagram to fire back at all those storylines. Here’s what he posted an hour ago. Fair warning, some slight NSFW language in the caption if you have the graveyard shift or are seeing this in the morning.

The caption, if the photo won’t show up, reads.

“Can’t hold my tongue anymore tied of all the hate, bullshit stories!! Ab is a team player loved by all his teammates especially ME! You against him you against me ! #SteelersNation” 

Pouncey is one of the leaders on the offensive side of the ball so his words certainly carry a lot of weight.

The media storm began after Brown’s Facebook Live video following the win over the Kansas City Chiefs, capturing Mike Tomlin and Ben Roethlisberger’s speeches in the locker room. Brown was fined by Tomlin for it. His celebration penalties have created pockets of frustration, too, though that seems minor and forgotten by this point.

Recent articles have speculated the distraction he’s had in the locker room and some have even go so far as to speculate over him being traded. Generally, it’s offseason white noise to start filling time in this dead space of the year, before free agency and the draft gets into full swing.

Bottom line is Brown isn’t getting traded, he never was, and while he has his diva-like qualities, the Steelers have dealt with far bigger problems on this team than what he’s done. Kudos to Pouncey for stepping up for his guy.

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