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Florio Suggest Darrelle Revis Lands With Steelers If Released By Jets

There is currently a lot of speculation surrounding New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis since his early morning altercation in Pittsburgh took place several days ago and a lot of it centers around the possibility of him being released soon. With that being a distinct possibility, it has has led several to wonder if the Pittsburgh Steelers might have interest in signing the University of Pittsburgh product should he indeed become a free agent in the coming weeks.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk now has several Steelers’ fans in a full lather Tuesday thanks to him suggesting that Revis might ultimately land with the Steelers mainly because of the interest they showed in him a few years ago and really nothing more. He also suggested that a move to safety could be in order for Revis being as it appears as though his days as a lock-down cornerback appear to be behind him now.

While Florio’s suggestions certainly have fans of the Steelers talking, if by chance he did return to Pittsburgh to finish his career, there’s no way he’d be signed to play safety as the two spots are currently locked up by Mike Mitchell and Sean Davis. In short, Revis would have to play cornerback if signed by the Steelers. Additionally, Revis isn’t a big run-support player at that and that’s another thing to consider regardless of position.

One also needs to wonder about how Revis’ recent off-the-field issue might ultimately play out as well as it relates to him possibly being in violation of the league’s personal conduct policy. In short, we aren’t likely to know for some time whether or not he’ll have to serve some sort of suspension to start the 2017 regular season.

While Revis ultimately landing in Pittsburgh might still sound enticing to several of you despite everything I mentioned above, one has to wonder how much money he’d be willing to leave on the table just to end his career in Pittsburgh. Even though his cover skills are declining, he still has some value and thus won’t likely be interested in signing for near the league minimum.

Let’s not forget that while the Steelers appear to have quite a bit of 2017 salary cap space at their disposal as we inch closer to the start of the new league year, the organization has yet to accomplish several re-signings and contract extensions that we all know are forthcoming. In short, that salary cap space is going to start dwindling quickly.

Now that you’ve taken time to read all of this mere speculation, remember that Revis is still employed by the Jets. Personally, I’d be surprised if he signs with the Steelers even if he is ultimately released by the Jets.

Just think, we have a lot of offseason still to get through.

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