Correcting The Steelers “Failed Philosophy” Post

Well, this is awkward. But I dove deeper into the data of my post earlier today of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ success rate on first down and found some errors/quirks with my charting. So in the interest of transparency, here’s what happened, and here are the actual numbers.

We wrote the Steelers’ defensive success on first down in 2016 took a nosedive, winning less than 30% of the time. That’s based off the weekly charting that we do. Because of the disparity, I ran the numbers several times, resetting our data, and kept getting the same result so I thought it was solid.

But our spreadsheet had a weird quirk in it that left out a large chunk of important data.

After having a good discussion with you guys and digging deeper to answer some of the questions you all had, I went back, looked at the data again, and found that part of the results were left out of the filtering.

Correcting that, we get the actual number that the Steelers’ first down success rate on first down in 2016 was actually 53.3%. That’s right in line with the past two seasons.

2014 – 53.5%
2015 – 52.7%
2016 – 53.3%

And totally scraps how alarming the numbers seemed before, which is why I decided to write a new post instead of meekly updating the original one that most people might miss.

Certainly regret that type of error, obviously just an oversight on my part, so I wanted to set the record straight so we all had the correct information.

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