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Bell Expects To Resume Training In April If Groin Surgery Is Needed

We learned this past week that Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell might need groin surgery in the coming weeks and that he’ll find out sure after getting a third opinion on his injury. During an interview this week on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Bell talked more about what’s in store for him after he leaves Houston.

“Obviously, I’m going to get a third opinion from another specialist and see what he has to say because obviously, I want to do what’s best for me,” Bell said. “I don’t want to not get the surgery, but then still feel it and then I come into camp with it. But then again, I don’t want to get surgery if I don’t necessarily need surgery.

“So, I’ve got a tough decision, but I’m going to get a third opinion. I’m kind of open to getting surgery or not getting surgery. I’m going to listen to them and see what they’ve got to say. I know I can fight back from a surgery, I did it for my knee. This surgery won’t be as drastic as my knee surgery was and I know I’ll be able to fight through it.”

If Bell does indeed wind up needing groin surgery, he doesn’t expect he’ll be sidelined very long.

“Not that long of recovery,” Bell said. “I’ll be back training in April and I’ll be good.”

Bell, who has admitted several times since the Steelers loss to the New England Patriots that he had been dealing with his groin injury for a few weeks prior to the AFC Championship game, said during his recent interview that he definitely would have tried to play in Super Bowl LI had the Steelers made it to Houston.

“I would’ve tried,” Bell said. “If I would have gotten through that Patriots game, I’m for sure playing in that Super Bowl. If I would’ve gotten to that Super Bowl, I was going to play in that. I don’t care what I had to do, I was going to play in that game.”

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