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Antonio Brown Says ‘Stay Tuned’ When Asked About Long-Term Deal

Antonio Brown. Another Facebook Live video.

Here we go again.

Ok, this one shouldn’t create the fallout the last one did. But Brown did a Facebook Live chat with the New York Times this afternoon down in Houston for this week’s Super Bowl. He answered an array of questions but one of the last he got was regarding his future with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Brown was asked if he thinks he’ll sign with the Steelers long-term and if he would give them a hometown discount. His answer?

“Who knows…stayed tuned…keep watching,” was all Brown said, with a half-smile. You can see the answer towards the end of the video in the link above.

He did say he loves Pittsburgh despite being homegrown in Miami.

Brown certainly loves to keep fans and media guessing and the spotlight on him so it’s not a surprise, nor a serous cause for concern, over this cryptic answer.

Team President Art Rooney II spun things a different way the past few days interviewing with basically every media outlet in the tri-state region. He remained confident in the team’s ability to get a long-term deal done with Brown.

He said Brown was a player they are hoping to “have here for a long time,” speaking with local media earlier this week.

Rooney didn’t seem overly concerned with Brown’s off the field antics, categorizing them as “little annoyances.” It will cost a pretty penny in order to re-sign Brown but that’s a surprise for no one. He should become the league’s highest paid receiver, surpassing the $15 million per year mark.

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