Vulgar, Unflattering Video Released Of Bengals CB Adam Jones’ Arrest

You might recall Adam Jones, the Cincinnati Bengals’ lovable veteran cornerback who has had his share of run-ins with authority figures. His most recent one, in fact, was just a few weeks ago, right at the end of the regular season, and following his arrest at that time, he seemed incredulous as to how it happened.

Yesterday, the equally lovable gossip-chasers over at TMZ published a video that they obtained of the in-car camera of Jones’ arrest, a two and a half minute clip of him vulgarly berating the officers with all sorts of colorful language and descriptions of anatomy.

It should probably go without saying that much of the language contained in the video is not the sort that would be appropriate to repost here, although the reference to anatomical descriptions probably already gave that away. Not that there were not other moments in the video that are worth recapping.

Among the statements that Jones made in the back seat of the arresting officer’s patrol car was his hope that said officer would “die tomorrow”. After asking the officer his name later in the video, he profanely suggested that he would be “out of a job tomorrow”.

He later made it acutely obvious that he was aware of the fact that he was being recorded, as he told the officer repeatedly to open the window that separates the front of the car from the rear. I believe he attempting to prove his sobriety as he shouted that he wanted to “get it on camera”.

Jones also asked the officer why he did not ask who he was, as though the fact that he is a well-paid professional athlete would have made a difference in the situation. In the last stages of the video, he clearly spits at the floor or seat of the patrol car multiple times.

Through his lawyers, Jones issued a statement following the release of the video, saying that he “is deeply embarrassed and remorseful for his conduct and language after being arrested”. Jones “has the utmost respect for law enforcement” [side note: he clearly does not] “and the difficulties police encounter on a daily basis”.

The statement goes on to read that Jones would not be commenting on the situation further “upon advice of counsel” and that he was undergoing “counseling and anger management, in order to ensure that such situations never occur in the future”.

As Steelers fans perhaps know as well as anybody, Jones has been prone to making a fool of himself when he opens his mouth on occasion, as when he accused Antonio Brown of acting when he suffered a concussion in the playoffs a year ago. I believe he said that Brown deserved a Grammy for his acting performance.

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