Steelers Vs Chiefs X Factor: Coaching Staff

I know, I know. Super cheesy answer. It’s the PBS after-school special of choices, the coaching staff. I might as well evoke Jimmy McGinty’s “they gotta have heart” and call it a day. Heart. Miles and miles of heart.

What I’m saying is it’s perfectly ok to cry to The Replacements.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are in a bit of an awkward spot not too dissimilar to the Miami Dolphins a week ago. They’re in a rematch against a team they thoroughly defeated previously. That leaves one important question.

Do you do the same things that won you that first game? Or change things in anticipation of the Chiefs being able to adjust? That’s a difficult decision. You kicked butt with your first gameplan. But you know the Chiefs are a well coached group and they’re going to fix the problems they had with their first gameplan.

That was the spot the Dolphins were in and though they had their injury issues, they got their butt kicked the second time around. Now Pittsburgh is in that tricky spot of figuring out what to do. It’s up to the coaching staff to get it right.

And believe me, I don’t have the answer. There is no right answer. It’s, as is the case with most things, is a blend of doing what you did last time and tweaking things for this time. That’s up for them to decide and why they get paid the big bucks. Everything runs through Mike Tomlin but the gameplans, of course, fall on Todd Haley and Keith Butler.

We’re speaking broadly here but it is difficult to get into specifics. That doesn’t make it less important, however, and is going to determine if the Steelers win and advance or lose and end the season with a twinge of disappointment.

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