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Steelers’ Hotel Fire Alarm Pulled At 3 A.M.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers got an early wake-up call to their AFC Title Sunday after the team hotel room’s fire alarm was pulled at 3 A.M, according to reports.

According to Boston police per, they arrested a suspect in connection with the incident.

“Further investigation revealed that a Dennis Harrison, 25, of East Boston, who was found walking on the hotel property, had activated a pull alarm,” the statement said. “Harrison was not a guest at the hotel and had no legitimate reason to be on the hotel property. Troopers charged Harrison with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, and setting off a false fire alarm.”

Steelers’ spokesmen Burt Lauten said the matter was resolved quickly.

It’s obviously not a major deal, especially with the game not kicking off until this evening. But in a playoff run full of distractions, it’s just another thing the Steelers have had to face. It’s a much more minor story than Joey Porter’s arrest, Antonio Brown’s video, or the laundry list of problems the Steelers have had to deal with over the course of the regular season.

Still, I look forward to your Bill Belichick conspiracy theories in the comments.

As I”m sure you are already well aware, kickoff will take place tonight at 6:40 P.M.

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