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Ryan Clark on Antonio Brown: ‘He’s So Self Absorbed’

As you probably already know by now, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown decided to stream live from the team locker room following the Sunday night win over the Kansas City Chiefs and that broadcast included head coach Mike Tomlin making a meant-to-be-private speech that now has the internets buzzing.

On Monday, former Steelers players Ryan Clark and Merril Hoge both delivered their opinions of Brown’s decision to stream live from the team locker room after the game and as you can imagine, both were critical of the wide receiver.

“I’m not surprised Antonio Brown did it”, Clark said

Clark, who played a few seasons with Brown in Pittsburgh, didn’t stop there.

“He’s so self-absorbed,” Clark said of Brown. “He’s so about what he’s doing, he’s so about Antonio Brown that it’s not that he’s missing the message that coach is giving, its that he genuinely does not care that the message is being given. He’s so involved in his bubble that he doesn’t even know what’s going on behind him. He’s not paying attention to the damage that it can cause.”

Hoge, on the other hand, believes Brown is a candidate for a Monday Knucklehead Award and calls Brown’s actions “bothersome.”

Watch both videos below and especially Clark’s as he offers a little more recent first-hand insight on how the Steelers locker room functions and how Tomlin likes to deal with the media.

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