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Report: Todd Haley Would Be Interested In Interviewing For Head Coaching Jobs

I know we’re all focused on today’s win, and rightfully so, but there is some off the field business that came out today. ProFootballTalk is reporting Todd Haley would interview for a head coaching job if asked. It’s an apparent change of heart from last year, when he would’ve declined any request.

From PFT. 

“Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Haley very much likes his current situation, but he would interview for a head-coaching vacancy, if asked.”

None of this is a surprise. There’s no question Haley is happy in Pittsburgh. He gets to run a terrific offense and be part of a winning, stable organization. But it’s also no shock to see him be interesting in scratching that head coach itch again, especially since his time in Kansas City ended sour and a pretty ugly fallout.

So far, there have only been loose connections to any head coaching gig. Los Angeles seems to have the most smoke, an organization looking for someone to prop up the face of their franchise, Jared Goff. But there haven’t been any formal request made or at least, any that are known.

Interviewing Haley would also be difficult due to league rules that create small windows for coaches to interview when they are actively coaching, as Haley was in preparation for this week. But as PFT points out, that hasn’t stopped someone like Vance Joseph – the Miami Dolphins’ defensive coordinator – from racking up the interview requests.

With the Steelers’ offense exploding today, for all teams to see, front offices could be doing a double-take on Haley.

For his part, Haley has been peppered with questions about his future since the end of the season, but he’s refused to address them head on, simply saying he’s focused on helping the Steelers win.

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