Recap Of Last Week’s Friday Night Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Due to a few things I had to take care of on this Friday, I failed to post the weekly five questions for you. However, David was nice enough to do a recap for all of you from last Friday. ~ Dave

No football this weekend but the Friday Night Questions must go on. Just a couple more weeks until the champion answerer for this season is declared on February 10th.

The recap for last week may stir up bad memories but here we go: Ben’s performance of 31 completions on 41 passes for 314 yards & a touchdown and an interception could have been better if not for some key drops & miscues by receivers. Over, Over, Under, Over turned out to be the answer to Dave’s first question. No one scored four; but many people got 3 of 4.

Seven people were 2 for 2 in predicting Le’Veon Bell would rush for under 110.5 yards AND under 150.5 total yards but not the way they thought. These folks thought he would be close; no one anticipated Bell being knocked out of the game in the first quarter. Yoi.

We voted or 16 different players (o-line was offered as one entity) other than the 3 B’s “who could ultimately wind up being the hero of Sunday’s game against the Patriots.”: Bud Dupree (12), Jesse James (9), Eli Rogers (9), Ryan Shazier (6), James Harrison (5), Sean Davis (3), Lawrence Timmons (2), William Gay, Stephon Tuitt, Chris Boswell, Ladarius Green, Javon Hargrave, Jordan Dangerfield, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Xavier Grimble, & the offensive line. Ultimately, none turned out to be the hero to turn the tide against the evil empire.

The only Steelers coaches not asked a question were Running Backs coach, James Saxon; Tight Ends coach, James Daniel; Inside Linebackers coach, Jerry Olsavsky; Defensive Backs coach, Carnell Lake; & Strength and Conditioning coach, Garrett Giemont. Mike Tomlin got the most (17) questions but it would take a whole article to synopsize the queries. SJT63 did ask Mike Tomlin if he listens to the Terrible Podcast so if he does maybe some these can get answered. Any chance David Todd will ask coach Tomlin if he is an avid listener?

Just like the question for coaches. We were all over the place in identifying an “under-the-radar aspect of Sunday’s game that a lot of analysts aren’t focusing on …” I did credit a point to Matt Manzo for pointing out the young defense that New England may take advantage of; Johnny Loose for identifying the Steeler’s secondary ass a concern and Brendon Glad pointing out the lack a # 2 wide receiver emerging. Double Yoi.

Everyone that answered offense or defense as worrying them more going into the game got a point. Just 4 folks failed to get a point on this one. Hubris. Neither had a good game. Triple Yoi.

The Falcons are in and the 17 respondents who were hoping them to reach the Super Bowl versus the Steelers got a point. Unfortunately, none of us got our hope fulfilled with that match-up. Has there ever been a quadruple Yoi?

Going back to the week 1 questions. NW86, Joseph Starvevic & the NinjaMountie all picked up with a point with their prediction of the Pats win inbg the AFC championship game. NinjaMountie was the only person to pick New England to win it all.

Since Week 1 anywhere from 20 to 55 folks have responded to the Friday Night Questions. 161 different handles. I’ll be keeping score up until 10 February so still a chance of overtaking Phil Brenneman II for the prize but you got to answer to win.

Name Total current
Phil Brenneman II 51 1st (1)
Kevin Schwartz 48 2nd (2)
PaeperCup 47 3rd (3)
Beaver Falls Hosiery 46.5 4th (4)
Matt Manzo 43 5th (6)
SJT63 41.9 6th (5)
William Weaver 41.5 7th (7)
Hypo Cycloid 41.5 7th (9)
LucasY59 39 9th (8)
CarlosOrtega Fernandez 39 9th (10)
Jeff McNeil 38 11th (11)
J. 38 11th (14)
Chris 902021 37.5 13th (12)
Wes Lee 35.5 14th (12)
mokhkw 35 15th (15)
Miliken Steeker 33 16th (17)
SchoolHouseRoxx 32 17th (16)
RiversTko 30 18th (17)
Wreckless 30 18th (19)
Thomas 27 20th (20)
Spencer Krick 27 20th (20)
JohnB 23 22nd (20)
RangerBrigade 22 23rd (24)
Josh Gustad 21.5 24th (23)
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