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Le’Veon Bell Goes After Skip Bayless Again In Latest Rap Song

If you love the rapping ability of Le’Veon Bell and despise Skip Bayless, you’re sure to enjoy the latest release from the Pittsburgh Steelers running back.

Bell’s latest rap song, ‘Shrimp Bayless’ is aimed right at Bayless, who now co-host the Fox Sports talk show, ‘Undisputed’ with former NFL tight end Shannon Sharpe.

Bell aka “The Juice”, has several creative lyrics in his latest offering and perhaps my favorite one is aimed at Bayless’ love of the Dallas Cowboys.

“You love Jerry way too much you actin’ like y’all related,” raps Bell.

Bell, who is likely to receive the franchise tag from the Steelers in the coming weeks, has been rapping as a hobby for some time now and this wasn’t the first time he’s taken a shot at Bayless in one of his songs. It probably won’t be the last time, either.

If you have three minutes to spare,you can listen to Bell’s latest song below.

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