Terry Bradshaw Doesn’t Think Mike Tomlin Is A Good Coach

Terry Bradshaw’s rocky relationship with Chuck Noll is well known to even the most casual Pittsburgh Steelers’ fan. And judging by what Bradshaw said about Mike Tomlin today, their relationship probably wouldn’t be great either.

Bradshaw was a guest on FS1’s Speak For Yourself and voiced his opinion about Bradshaw.

Some of the notable quotes if you can’t get the video to play.

“I don’t think he’s a great coach. At all. He’s a nice coach…he’s really a great cheerleader guy. I don’t know what he does. But I don’t think he’s a great coach at all. His name never even pops in my mind when we think about great coaches in the NFL.”


Bradshaw went on to classify Bill Cowher as a great coach and clearly head and shoulders above Tomlin.

“Bill was. Bill came in and took over a team that had been struggling. And when you take over for [Chuck Noll], the Steelers had some good years, some really good years, then they kinda, by their standards, mellowed out.

Bradshaw did allow that maybe he was more familiar with Cowher’s background than Tomlin’s, saying it could be “unfair” to judge him.

Still, it’s a bit of a surprising take, though I suppose, not too unlike any given comments section or Twitter feed whenever the Steelers are losing.

I’d tend to disagree with Bradshaw’s opinion but of course, he’s certainly entitled to it as someone who played under a top five coach in NFL history.

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