Steelers Vs Ravens Game Notes

Game notes from the wild 31-27 win over the Baltimore Ravens. Sorry it’s a day late.

First Half

– Kick coverage. Left to right: Al-Hajj Shabazz-Robert Golden-RooseveltNix-L.J. Fort-Chris Boswell-Vince Williams-Tyler Matakevich-Anthony Chickillo-Fitzgerald Toussaint-Jordan Dangerfield-Darrius Heyward-Bey.

– Punt return unit: Cobi Hamilton, DHB and Artie Burns as jammers. On the line: Shazier-Fort-Moats-Toussaint-Dangerfield-Nix-Matakevich.

– One other special teams note. Daniel McCullers was removed from all his special teams slots. Taken off the field goal block and field goal kick teams. L.T. Walton replaced him in both areas.

– Dart scheme on the first run of the game. Alejandro Villanueva, the BST, pulls, and Le’Veon Bell runs over Zach Orr.

Jesse James’ blocking has definitely improved. Down block and then works to the second level here.

Mike Mitchell great job at the catch point to break this one up. He isn’t just a big hitter!

– Kick return unit: Golden-Matakevich-Williams-Chickillo-Dangerfield the front five. Sean Davis  behind. David Johnson/L.T. Walton/Roosevelt Nix the wedge with Fitzgerald Toussaint and Cobi Hamilton the return men.

– Fake bubble worked again. Got 16.

– Punt coverage unit: Front lines. Williams-Fort-Greg Warren-Matakevich-Moats. Nix and Dangerfield the wings with Golden operating as the upback. Hamilton and DHB gunners.

– The long end around James Harrison whiffed. Had the receiver lined up as sort of a “sniffer” role, making him easy to lose in it all.

– Nice chase and rally by Walton. Saved a lot of YAC after Bud Dupree’s missed tackle.

– Really strong reach block by David DeCastro. Tough to do. Ends up pushing him into Brandon Williams on the backside, giving Le’Veon Bell the breathing room to get to the outside.

– Roethlisberger wanted Nix here but the fullback slipped as he turned to the QB. Ben ends up throwing the pass incomplete.

– Big open field tackle by Ross Cockrell. He was holding his arm the play before and then stares down the barrel of Kenneth Dixon in the open field. Wasn’t pretty but he held him up.

– Nice adjustment by Eli Rogers to this pass behind him.

Second Half

Antonio Brown’s effort after Roethlisberger’s first INT. Not, uh, good. Was clearly not happy and some of those diva tendencies seeped through.

– This isn’t a good look for a kick return unit. Three double-team blocks but four Ravens with two Steelers’ blocking. Ouch.

– Good downhill fill by Sean Davis. Strong tackle.

– Steelers still too vulnerable to anything down the seams in their Cover 3. Too much spot dropping and receivers get behind the coverage.

– Kudos to Artie Burns for getting off Steve Smith’s block and making the tackle on this screen.

– No reason for Ben to force this throw on his second pick. Make a profit, hit Rogers in the flat. Can’t make that throw.

– Another long run aided by Cobi Hamilton’s strong stalk blocking.

– Looks like Sean Davis was at fault for the Ravens’ near-game winning touchdown. He should’ve had the C gap and crossed the TEs face, just as Jarvis Jones failed to do against the Dallas Cowboys.

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