Steelers Celebrate AFC North Title With Harlem Globetrotters

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Little light, fun reading for you on the Pittsburgh Steelers’ spring break week before things get serious again. After capturing the AFC North title with a nail-biting win over the Baltimore Ravens, four Steelers celebrated by taking in, and taking part, a Harlem Globetrotters game.

The Globetrotters Twitter account posted a clip on Wednesday. Four Steelers took to the court: B.J. Finney, Alejandro Villanueva, Ladarius Green, and Le’Veon Bell.

A couple of stray observations.

– The Bell “hamstring injury” was cute but never, ever, EVER joke about that again. Not now, L-Bell. Steelers’ Nation needs you.

– Villanueva has some underrated dance moves. And I bet Mike Munchak appreciates his hand fighting in pass protection on the basketball court, too. No quit in this guy.

– By this point, we know Ladarius Green is working his way back from his concussion but it’s good to see him out there as opposed to being placed in a bubble under John Norwig’s watchful eye.

B.J. Finney just looks like a swell guy. A good ‘ol Kansas boy.

– It’s become a common sight to see this team, clusters of it at least, hang out away from the football field. It’s probably a tired cliche to point out, look how tight-knit they are, but still it’s pretty cool. And it’s not just one positional group, just the veterans, or just the All-Stars.

Here’s it’s three different groups with household names (Bell) and guys the common NFL fan doesn’t have a clue about (Finney). We’ve seen the offensive line and running backs hang out at WWE events. Again it doesn’t mean much but it means something.

And that’s, well, something.

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