Ownership Responds In Giants’ Deflategate Accusations

Though the story has been put to bed, lasting all of about an hour, ownership for the New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers issued their first public comments on Deflategate 2.0 today.

And just like the story itself, their words were brief.’s Judy Battista was able to sum things up in a tweet.

NFL owners were in Dallas today for meetings, bringing the Mara’s and Rooney’s together. The accusation was always strange on background alone. The families have always been close and are one of just three organizations to be family owned for their entire franchise (the Bidwill’s Cardinals are the other).

The league has already shut the case, saying nothing wrong took place and that the Giants never technically filed a formal complaint. But it’s clear they went to the league asking about the situation, making the “much ado about nothing” comments pretty strange. Because at some point, the team that it was something important.

But now, it is nothing. No investigation, no suspension, no 24/7 coverage, no weird courtroom sketches. And I think we’re all much better off for it.

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