Ex-Steeler Will Allen Still Looking To Play In NFL

We wrote about Will Allen last week for an off-the-field issue. The sports media, namely ESPN, again mixed him up with the other Will Allen, who plead guilty to running a Ponzi scheme.

This is from the other day but worth pointing out. Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, who, for the record, didn’t write that original inaccurate story, caught up with Allen about the issue.

Most of it was what you’d expect. Allen was rightfully upset at his name being dragged through the mud and the impact it had on his charitable work, The Will Allen Foundation.

Beyond that, which I want to stress is the more important story, Fowler tucked away a nugget about Allen’s potential football future.

“Allen still wants to play football. He tried out for the Giants in October but understands a return might not happen.”

I don’t believe I heard anyone report that Allen had a tryout with anyone so it’s worth keeping note of. The Pittsburgh Steelers declined to bring him back when his contract was up this past offseason after starting 13 games for the Steelers in 2015. He logged nearly 80 tackles, picked off one pass, and had the first four sacks of his football career.

There is no indication the Steelers have interest in bringing Allen back. Their safety depth has been tested this year with injuries to Shamarko Thomas and Jordan Dangerfield without the Steelers calling. But it is worth marking down, just in case, considering Mike Tomlin’s seemingly good relationship with the veteran safety. If the Steelers got in a tough spot late in the season, maybe Allen’s name would get floated around.

Of course, not playing football for an entire season makes it a less appealing signing, waiting on someone to get in football shape. But he’d just be dealing with the opposite hurdle any new player would. Those who are in shape wouldn’t know the system; Allen would know it immediately.

Again, all signs point to a reunion being unlikely and Allen’s career being done. He’s obviously enjoying a ton of success, media inaccuracies aside, off it, and has a bright, bright future.

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