Antonio Brown Not Concerned About Celebration Penalties

I’m sure this is the topic you were dying to hear about. But it’s relevant, affecting the team, and Antonio Brown was asked about it today.

After being flagged, and fined, for excessive celebration against the Indianapolis Colts, Brown was asked by reporters if he’s concerned about his actions. His response, per DVE’s Mike Prisuta.

I am thinking that’s a deflection. I really hope that it’s a deflection. If not, then Brown severely underestimates the affect penalties, especially 15 yarders, have on the game of football. Take Thursday. Brown’s celebration cost the Steelers 15 yards on kickoffs, created a great return and field position for the Colts, who would score on the drive and make it a 14-7 game.

That. Hurts. Winning.

I’m pretty sure every single person in the Steelers’ organization has acknowledged the negative impact it has. From Mike Tomlin, to Ben Roethlisberger, to even Danny Smith, who said this back in September. 

“A guy scores, that’s legal. You can celebrate. It’s the additions that come to it and it’s something where I have just a philosophy here in Pittsburgh that, we’re a pretty good football team. And if we don’t beat ourselves, we’re always going to have a chance. And that’s a situation where you beat yourself.”

This was another example of Steelers’ beating Steelers. At some point, as much as we all love what Brown is capable of, I hope he realizes it.

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